While it’s not officially summer yet, that has not stopped folks from firing up the grill. Here are six burger restaurants in Charlotte that people love.

And what better way to kick off any summer cookout than with a nice charcoal-grilled burger! Now you may be asking just what makes the great burger? I got a few tips from Burger Republic, a popular burger restaurant in Tennessee. According to the chefs there, there are some ‘must-have’s’ when it comes to creating a ‘great’ burger. They include:

  • Taste – When you’re talking about a ‘great’ burger, it all begins in the flavor. So that also begs the question “What kind of beef is being used?” According to Burger Republic, the best burgers are made with certified Angus Beef. These Angus Beef burgers are loaded with flavor and just the right amount of fat for top-tier juiciness. No burger – whether it’s beef, turkey or vegan – should be bland.
  • Burger thickness – A great burger has the right amount of density. It needs to be thick enough to hold the flavor, but not so thick that it’s like eating a meatloaf and doesn’t allow for condiments.
  • Condiments – And speaking of condiments, a great burger has toppings that compliment the experience. According to GrubHub, mayonnaise is the most popular condiment requested for a burger. Mustard and ketchup are not far behind. The chefs at Burger Republic suggest to take your burger up a notch, consider adding aioli (a mixture of ketchup and mayo)
  • Fresh toppings – With a top-tier burger, only top-tier toppings will do. Consider adding fresh toppings to the burger like carmelized onions, maplewood bacon or even fresh mushrooms. The fresher the toppings, the better.
  • Toasted bun – Ahhh – nothing says a great burger, like a nice, lightly buttered and toasted bun. Chefs at Burger Republic say a brioche bun or even a pretzel bun is a sure win!

Now that we have the essentials for a great burger, now on to some of the spots in the Queen City that offer great burgers like these. In fact, these are six of the burger spots that people rave about. Check them out for yourself!

Best Burger Restaurants in Charlotte!

  • Ace No. 3 - NoDa

    If the name is throwing you off a bit, don’t let it. This small free-standing building is nestled in NoDa (North Davidson) in the  Belmont neighborhood, where neighbors essentially had their say on what eatery they’d love to see in the community. The owners came up with ACE No. 3 where they created the “Ace” burger. That is two thin beef patties with American cheese, steamed onions, house-made pickles on a brioche bun. The owners say the idea behind the burger is tasty and simple. Their mantra: ‘Less is more.’  

  • Brook's Sandwich Shop - NoDa

    Brooks Sandwich House

    Basketball and a cheeseburger all the way is the WAY to go! All slam dunks in this building! 🏀🍔🏀🍔🏀🍔🏀🍔🏀🍔🏀🍔 #marchmadness #march #basketball #march #ncaa #ncaabasketball #wilson #chili #🏀...

    Don’t let the little red house fool you! This spot has been voted as one of the best burger spots in the Queen City time and time again. Brooks Sandwich Shop, in the NoDa area, has been around since 1973 selling burgers and hot dogs. Many people come from miles around to sample a burger and their chili. It is now run by the third generation of Brooks who still have lines around the building.

  • Harriet's Hamburgers - Optimist Hall

    This is a relatively new burger spot inside Optimist Hall, but it is growing in popularity. At Harriet’s, it’s more than just a good burger, it’s their sense of community, too. For example, Tuesdays are random act of kindness day where they give out a free meal to a random customer and they also donate hamburger meals to frontline workers.  Owners say they are in the “mind-boosting business.” Now, on to the burger. They offer a grilled black Angus patty on a brioche bun with pickles, red onions, and simple sauce. Another example of less is more!

  • The Diamond - Plaza Midwood

    This could be called the ‘OG’ or ‘oldy, but goodie’, but either way they’ve been in the burger business since 1945. The Diamond is proven to be tried and true. Despite several new owners over the past few years, there is one element that has remained consistent — solid home-cooking and southern hospitality. Their Full Blown Hemi burger has three beef patties (a total pound of meat), with chili, mustard, onions and slaw for the Southern-style.  

  • Park Road Soda Shoppe - Myers Park

    Park Road Soda Shoppe Charlotte

    It's LUNCHTIME!! 😍🍔🫵🏻

    Nothing like a good ol’-fashioned burger in a good ol’-fashioned soda shoppe. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit the Park Road Soda Shoppe. This cozy, quaint diner has been around since 1999 serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in it’s 50’s dining style, this is where you want to go for a great simple burger. You can try their classic five-ounce burger served Carolina-style includes chili, slaw, mustard and onions. And of course, like a classic soda shoppe you have to add fries and a shake.  

  • South 21 Drive In - East Charlotte

    Kim Rambert- King

    If you have never visited this location off Independence in Charlotte, I encourage you to do so!!! THE FOOD IS GREAT @South21's Drive-In😊 #south21sdrivein #oldschooldrivein #fastfriendlyservice...

    Another classic eatery is South 21 Drive In. It has all the nostalgia of the good ol’ days. It opened in 1955 by the three brothers, and has now become a landmark in Charlotte landmark. And not much has changed in it’s appearance and it’s prices, too. The Super Boy burger is still around which includes two hamburger patties topped with mustard, lettuce, onion, and tomato- simple yet inimitable. Nothing like ol’ school. Happy eating!

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