Mardi Gras is right around the corner, so start collecting beads! As a child, my family had a big Mardi Gras party. I am not sure exactly what I remember, but one thing I will never forget is the King Cake. Then I had no idea what it was, but now that I am older, I appreciate how much fun it was.

First off, you have to know what a King Cake is before you decide to buy one. A King Cake is also known as a three kings cake or galette des rois, in French. This sweet pastry is shaped like a wreath and is part of Mardi Gras celebrations throughout the country.

Typically, the cake is colorful, covered with thick frosting, and decorated with colorful sugar sprinkles. There is also a baby inside. Not a real one of course, but a toy. The small baby symbolizes Jesus and is hidden in the king’s cake. If your slice has the baby, it symbolizes luck and prosperity. I never got the baby on the cake, but I think my time will come soon. If you want to celebrate Mardi Gras with a fun King Cake, here are 6 spots to buy a King Cake in Charlotte, North Carolina.