I am not a big fan of working out. I try (I really do) but I’m more of a couch potato.

As well as the most popular trends, MyProtein researched the workouts Americans have fallen out of love with. After seeing this list, I didn’t even know people ‘planked’ anymore. Check out the list of the top 10 least popular fitness trends from 2021 below.

Myprotein teamed up with personal trainer Tom Hall to make some predictions about the fitness trends we might see in 2022. Tom said five things will be key. These include social exercise, cross-training, and functional fitness, data-driven workout plans, vegan lifestyles, and intuitive eating habits. You can see more on Tom Hall’s predictions and the full list of the most and least popular fitness trends here.

The Most Popular Fitness Trends For 2021 in America

  • 1. Spinning

  • 2. Kettlebells

  • 3. Home Workouts

  • 4. Planking

  • 5. Tabata

  • 6. Burpees

  • 7. Battle Ropes

  • 8. Sit-Ups

  • 9. Push-Ups

  • 10. Bungee Workouts