We love some good food news, whether it’s new products at the grocery store or our favorite restaurants. And today April 26th we got a lot of new food news! Some sound great others I won’t be rushing to try, and some are calling out the most overpriced fast-food chains.

5 April 26th Food News Stories:




  • Tropicana Creates Cereal for Orange Juice Instead of Milk

    National Orange Juice Day is May 4 and Tropicana is celebrating with a new…cereal? The company is releasing Tropicana Crunch: “the first-ever breakfast cereal created to pair with Tropicana Pure Premium so you can sip your sunshine and eat it, too.” The box for the granola-based cereal says that it contains honey and almond flavor.  Want to give it a try? You can only get Tropicana Crunch at TropicanaCrunch.com starting May 4, while supplies last. Do you think this is a weird move for Tropicana? What do you usually eat with juice?

  • Heinz Introduces New Dip & Crunch

    Heinz is looking to change up the way you eat burgers with their new Dip & Crunch products. Dip & Crunch comes in two varieties-Secret Sauce and Spicy- and merges mayo-based sauces with crunchy potato chips in one package. Here’s how it works: you dip your burger into the sauce, then you dip it into the included potato chip crumbles, and you finish the process by taking a saucy, crunch bite of your burger. You can find Heinz Dip & Crunch at Walmart, Target, Meijer, and more for $2.49. Do you have any special ways of eating a burger? Would you try Dip & Crunch? What is the best thing to pair with a burger?

  • Chick-fil-A Is Celebrating Spring by Unleashing the Limited Edition Cloudberry Sunjoy

    Drink Chick-fil-A has a new spring drink. It is called a Cloudberry Sunjoy The drink combines cloudberry with cherry blossom, lemonade and sweet tea. What is your favorite Spring/Summer time drink you look forward to from your favorite fast-food spot?

  • 4 Most Overpriced Fast-Food Chains

    According to Customers, Even fast food is not immune to cost increases.  Fast food consumers recently took to Reddit to share what they believe are the most overprice chains. Topping the list is Pizza Hut with one Redditor commenting that the chain is “…so overrated. You can find better pizza at any local pizza place here.”  Also mentioned as overpriced chains are Five Guys, Sonic Drive-In, and Shake Shack. Do you agree that certain fast food places are overpriced? Does a higher cost ever mean better quality when it comes to fast food?

  • This Mother's Day, Get Her a KFC Bouquet

     If your mom is difficult to shop for, you may want to consider a bouquet of fried chicken. KFC is offering customers the chance to order the Kentucky Fried Buckquet-a customizable arrangement that is half flowers, half fried chicken. Them is only available to customers ordering a Sides Lovers Meal through the KFC app from May 1 to 3. After your food order, you will receive a promo code from partner ProFlowers for 12 roses, a vase, a card, and skewers to hang chicken from. Be honest- would you or your mom want this? What is the weirdest Mother’s Day gift you have given?