Everybody has a side hustle. Don’t you think so? However, in which state you do your freelance work matters a lot. As a result of COVID-19, many US workers no longer use traditional office spaces due to the introduction of working from home and hybrid work. Increasing flexibility and fewer commutes have led to a rise in freelancers, with nearly 51% of the US workforce expected to be freelancing by 2027*.

A freelance decision in itself is a big one; given the importance of insurance coverage, the headache of self-employment taxes, and other factors, choosing where to be a freelancer can make-or-break the potential benefits of going freelance. Does it make financial sense to hire freelancers when they require additional resources like Wi-Fi and meeting room costs? Do you need access to coworking spaces and desks in order to perform the duties of your role?

In a new study, ToolTester analyzes precisely that, in order to educate potential freelancers on where they can make the most money. Apparently, Charlotte made the top 15 list. Below you will find 15 of the top cities and their states for freelancers.

  • 15. Fort Worth, Texas

    Forth Worth, Texas

  • 14. Irving, Texas

  • 13. Tampa, Florida


    Percentage of workers in outdoor jobs: 3.8%
    Total workers in outdoor jobs: 49,900
    Most common outdoor job: Construction workers
    Average wage for outdoor workers: $37,002
    Average wage across all workers: $51,770

  • 12. Charlotte, North Carolina

    Charlotte's Air Quality

  • 11. Durham, North Carolina


  • 10. Miami, Florida

    Miami FL

  • 9. Denver, Colorado

    View of Denver

  • 8. Knoxville, Tennessee


  • 7. Salt Lake City, Utah

    Winter daytime shot of Salt Lake City. Featured is the temple from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormons

  • 6. Kansas City, Missouri

    Liberty Memorial and Union Station aerial views, downtown Kansas City

  • 5. Indianapolis, Indiana

    Indianapolis rounds out our top five. Google Maps, WeWork, and Regus list 46 coworking spaces in the city, giving you plenty of options to set up shop. They are all a decent walk away from public transport though – 1,058m will get your steps in before you start your day. You’d only need to spend an average of $229.83 to work in one, making Indianapolis cheaper than any of our top five cities.

  • 4. Memphis, Tennessee

    Memphis Tennessee TN Downtown Drone Skyline Aerial.

  • 3. Houston, Texas

    Houston is another Texan city making waves. There are plenty of reasons why it’s fast becoming a hotspot for business activity. You can find 62 coworking spaces on WeWork, Regus, and Google Maps, on average only 508m from the nearest public transport. Shared workspaces cost around $254 a month, which is slightly less than its state rival, and offices cost $267 a month. You can also save money in the city by using your internet connection – the average price is $68.33 per month.

  • 2. Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville, Florida Skyline

  • 1. Dallas, Texas

    Dallas has a low cost of living, beautiful weather (albeit hot), and a vibrant social scene in addition to freelancer necessities (including relatively low Wi-Fi and coworking space costs). Despite that, three other Texas cities (Houston, Irving, and Fort Worth) landed in the top 15 list, including Dallas. As a result of a large number of Lone Star cities, Texas is the best state for freelancers.