Ten years ago national chicken finger day was founded. On July 27th we celebrate the delicious quick way of enjoying chicken. Chicken Finger Day was founded by Raising Cane’s, a Louisiana-based fast-food chain that produces southern chicken fingers. You can celebrate by eating some chicken fingers or don't and save a chicken's life.

Happy National Fried Chicken Day! We love a good, tender chicken for any meal of the day. July 6 is the day to really enjoy one of America’s favorite foods. This greasy, delicious food is a comfort food across the world we can all enjoy. Fried chicken was once an expensive delicacy up until WWII but now has become available to us all. Lucky for us, we are in the best spot for it… America!

From crispy nuggets to tenders to wings, fried chicken is the go-to protein for any meal. Enjoy fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you won’t be upset. But how should you celebrate National Fried Chicken Day in Charlotte? Should check out some of these top spots for your fried chicken fix in Charlotte. Check out this list of some of my suggested spots you should look into for a fried chicken fix this week.