Hey, good news North Carolina! This time around we make the top 10. And for a good thing! North Carolina ranks in the top 10 of the best state for sustainable properties. Essentially that means that we have one of the largest numbers of eco-friendly properties available to travelers. The data comes from Booking.com.

The states on this list represent the best travel destination if you are looking to stay in an eco-friendly property. This is important as many travelers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious as the years move on.  There is a large portion of the population seeking to travel but prioritizing the decrease their carbon footprint while doing so. It’s great news that the state of North Carolina is able to help accommodate travelers who are searching for those sustainable properties. As the market continues to grow it will be more and more important to provide these types of destinations.

What other states made the list? Much of the top 10 consists of tourism-centric states. South Carolina, while absent from the top 10 did manage to crack the top 25. Keep reading to see where the other states ranked.

The 25 Best States For Sustainable Properties


  • 25. Michigan

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 24

    Total Properties: 970

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 2.4%


  • 24. Alaska

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 24

    Total Properties: 66

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 36.3%


  • 23. South Carolina

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 28

    Total Properties: 5851

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 0.4%

    South Carolina

  • 22. Wisconsin

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 29

    Total Properties: 1747

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 1.6%


  • 21. Nevada

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 34

    Total Properties: 907

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 3.7%


  • 20. Ohio

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 37

    Total Properties: 1955

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 1.8%


  • 19. Washington

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 37

    Total Properties: 277

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 13.3%


  • 18. Utah

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 38

    Total Properties: 3334

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 1.1%

    Winter daytime shot of Salt Lake City. Featured is the temple from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormons

  • 17. New Jersey

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 40

    Total Properties: 1511

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 2.6%

    Newark New Jersey

  • 16. Tennessee

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 44

    Total Properties: 5295

    % of Which Are Sustainable: .8%


  • 15. Arizona

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 47

    Total Properties: 957

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 4.9%


  • 14. Maryland

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 49

    Total Properties: 2283

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 2.1%


  • 13. Illinois

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 50

    Total Properties: 1691

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 2.9%


  • 12. Oregon

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 51

    Total Properties: 4601

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 1.1%


  • 11. Virginia

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 60

    Total Properties: 2660

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 2.2%


  • 10. Georgia

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 61

    Total Properties: 1680

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 3.6%

    Augusta Georgia Downtown

  • 9. Massachusetts

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 66

    Total Properties: 629

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 10.4%


  • 8. North Carolina

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 71

    Total Properties: 7608

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 0.9%

    North Carolina Greenest Cities

  • 7. Pennsylvania

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 77

    Total Properties: 2845

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 2.7%


  • 6. New York

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 83

    Total Properties: 579

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 14.3%

    New York

  • 5. Hawaii

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 97

    Total Properties: 3415

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 2.8%

    4 Oahu, Hawaii 300%

  • 4. Colorado

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 99

    Total Properties: 1009

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 9.8%


  • 3. Texas

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 141

    Total Properties: 12276

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 1.1%


  • 2. Florida

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 323

    Total Properties: 3735

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 8.6%


  • 1. California

    Travel Sustainable Properties: 398

    Total Properties: 4764

    % of Which Are Sustainable: 8.3%


  • Greenest Cities To Work In

    Where North Carolina Cities Rank As The Greenest Cities To Work In

    • 31. Raleigh, NC

      Best Companies Raleigh

      A colorful daytime cityscape of downtown Raleigh North Carolina

    • 38. Durham, NC

      Durham NC

      Durham, North Carolina, USA downtown cityscape.

    • 43. Winston-Salem, NC

      Winston Salem

      Winston-Salem North Carolina NC Downtown Skyline Aerial at Sunset.

    • 75. Greensboro, NC

      Greensboro skyline

      Greensboro, North Carolina skyline from the west. (Photo: Raynor Garey/Getty Images)

    • 90. Charlotte


      Taken from Southend, this picture shows the Charlotte skyline with its various lights on during a late blue hour

    • The Top 10 Greenest Cities to Work In

    • 10. Baltimore, MD


    • 9. Pittsburg, PA


      Spring in Pittsburgh city, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh skyline with cherry blossoms.

    • 8. Minneapolis, MN


      Image of Minneapolis downtown skyline at sunset.

    • 7. Madison, WI


      Madison, Wisconsin, USA downtown skyline on Lake Monona in the daytime.

    • 6. New Orleans, LA

      New Orleans

      Bourbon St, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA cityscape of bars and retaurants at twilight.

    • 5. Washington, DC

      Washington DC

      Washington DC aerial view with Thomas Jefferson Memorial building

    • 4. Seattle, WA


      Panoramic view of Seattle cityscape and Space Needle at sunset, Washington, USA

    • 3. Irvine, CA

      Irvine, CA

      The beautiful coastline of Newport Beach, Southern California on a clear summer day. Newport Beach is a community in Orange County, California.

    • 2. San Francisco, CA

      San Fransisco

      The crookedest street in the world Lombard street at dawn. San Francisco is lightened by morning sun.

    • 1. Boston, MA


      Boston, Massachusetts, USA skyline over Boston Common.

    • The Bottom 10 Greenest Cities To Work In

    • 91. Fort Worth, TX

      Fort Worth

      Aerial view of downtown Ft Worth Texas during the day with Trinity River in the foreground

    • 92. Anaheim, CA


      Twilight palm tree framing the skyline of downtown Anaheim, California, USA.

    • 93. Santa Ana, CA

      Santa Ana

      Santa Ana California Public Welcome Sign

    • 94. Riverside, CA


      Daytime skyline aerial view of downtown Riverside, California, USA.

    • 95. Chandler, AZ

      Chandler AZ

    • 96. Paradise, NV

      Paradise NV

      Aerial View of South Lake Tahoe which is on the California Nevada Stateline

    • 97. Garland, TX


      State flag of Texas waving in the wind. Dramatic sky background. 3d illustration.

    • 98. Chula Vista, CA

      Chula Vista, CA

      Sunrise over Otay Lakes in Chula Vista, CA. HDR image taken with graduated filters, and with the camera mounted on a tripod.

    • 99. Los Angeles, CA

      Los Angeles

      Spring morning light hits the tree filled hillside in front of the Los Angeles skyline in Southern California

    • 100. Laredo, TX

      Laredo, TX

      blue sea and ships