Sunset after rain

As I sit here watching the rain pour down, it’s not shocking to see this list now. Some states just, unfortunately, get more rain than others all year long. Today, the weather was so gloomy that I looked at the weather app, and seems we’ll be having some rainy weather for quite some time. Why? It’s summer and we would much rather the warm weather and some sun so we can enjoy the outside. But, guess that’s the downfall of living somewhere that deals with a lot of rainfall per year.

A-Z Animals actually named 10 of the rainiest states in the U.S. Of course, both the Carolinas made the top 10. Can you guess where we fell on the list? Both states are certainly in the top 10, but we’re not exactly number one which I guess is the positive side of things. But, as we sit here and enjoy this rainy week, might as well see how much rain the Carolinas get compared to some other spots. Check out a few below and if you would like to see the full list of 10, click here.

  • South Carolina

    Well, let’s start things off right in South Carolina. South Carolina made the bottom of the top 10 coming in as the tenth rainiest state in the U.S. The state receives nearly 48 inches of rainfall a year. The rainiest month in the state is August, but they average about 3,9 inches of rain per month. If you were wondering what the driest part of the state is then you should head to McColl, South Carolina.

  • North Carolina

    Now, we’re looking into the other half of the Carolinas and seeing what North Carolina has going on when it comes to rain. North Carolina averages roughly 49.3 inches of rain per year with their wettest month being August just like in South Carolina. Each month, the state receives about 4 inches per month. The wettest location in the state is Lake Toxaway, but the driest part of the state is Asheville. Which is great since it’s one of our most popular destinations. Right now, I am sure we’re wishing it was Charlotte though. 

  • Arkansas

    Did you know Arkansas is the eighth rainiest state in the country. Which I never really would think of Arkansas when I think of rain happening. Arkansas has an annual rainfall of about 49.6 inches of rain per year with their wettest month being May. Slightly different from the Carolinas. Each month, Arkansas sees about 4 inches of rain per month. What’s crazy is that the wettest area of the state is Big Fork and sees about 62.65 inches of rainfall per year.

  • Georgia

    Of course, Georgia is making the list. If it’s one thing that the south is clearly good for, it’s some rainfall. Georgia’s climate changes quite often from tropical to continental. Georgia sees an average of 50.1 inches of rainfall per year. Their wettest month is July, so I guess Georgia is about to get a little bit crazier in the next few weeks.

  • Tennessee

    In Tennessee, they’re pretty similar to Georgia with their rainfall. Tennessee sees about an average of 51.6 inches of rainfall per year. Their rainiest month is July, just like Georgia. But, the wettest spot in the state, Mount Leconte, receives about 81.28 inches of rainfall per year. That’s insane! Seems like these southern states surely enjoy a good bit of rainfall. 

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