I’m such a sucker for spring fashion. Once that warmer weather hits someone needs to hide my wallet. I’d rather wear a dress or shorts than pants any day and I love color and florals both of which scream spring. In fact, I’ve pretty much already had to put myself on a spending freeze. There are so many cute styles of spring clothes popping up on shelves in Charlotte.

Trust me I spend my fair share of money on Amazon. I also shop from major retailers but I love small boutiques as well. The quality and uniqueness of items is often well represented and I know I’m more than just a customer. And as much as I love coming home to a package on my door step (and I get to today!) walking out with your bags is a luxury.  Luckily Charlotte has options no matter were you want to shop!

That being said I wanted to share some of my favorite spring clothes I’ve seen in Charlotte recently! And yes I do need a bigger closet.