Do you believe things other than us are out there? I myself, always love a good conspiracy theory. Thankfully here are the top 15 conspiracy theory attractions to add to my must-see list.

A lot of conspiracy theories are wilder than others, but the hauler brand My Baggage decided to embrace the best conspiracy attractions in the United States. There are several factors that make for the perfect conspiracy adventure. This includes the number and cost of hotels nearby, the star rating of hotels, and the Google rating of conspiracy. In addition, other nearby activities and sightseeing, nearby food and drink, and the ability to go off-grid for this list.

Considering each factor above, here are the compiled ultimate top 15 must-visit conspiracy theory locations in the US for conspiracy fans to visit. Oh and guess what? If you love the list, there is also a roadmap for you to plan your travel. You can see it at the end of the list.

  • 15. Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Baton Rouge, LA

    The Bayou Corne sinkhole was created from ‘accidental’ drilling for concentrated salt by the Texas Brine Company. The company has disputed this. The collapse caused oil and methane gas to rise from underground, appearing as bubbles on the surface of the water. Even today, the sinkhole continues to grow and is the subject of conspiracy theories, as witnesses have reported seeing ‘hell’ in the pit and many believe there is some connection between the pit and the Gulf of Mexico. Spooky! Geologists have also struggled to explain this ever-expanding scar on the earth. In 2014, officials declared the area no longer posed a risk to the public, and therefore it is a must-see on this conspiracy road trip. If you stay in Baton Rouge, you can explore the sinkhole and all of Louisiana’s other attractions, as it is home to numerous landmarks and museums.

  • 14. Roswell, Roswell, NM

    This has always been on my must-see list. If you like UFOs, you know about this spot. The 1947 crash of a US Army aircraft was initially reported by a Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) press release, stating that they had recovered a “flying disc” from a ranch near Roswell. The Army quickly retracted the statement and changed their story to a “weather balloon” and thus a conspiracy theory was born. Thought by many to have actually been the crash site of a UFO, including the bodies of aliens which was then covered up by the military. There are now a number of dedicated museums in the area, as well as alien conventions. Although Roswell can be explored in a day, it’s certainly worth the visit for any conspiracy lover as it has held a grip on the United States for decades, and who knows, you may witness some extraterrestrial activity, too…

  • 13. The Safeguard Complex, Langdon, ND

    In North Dakota, the Safeguard Complex is a cluster of facilities used for missile launch and control. Interestingly enough, it only lasted 24 hours despite a cost of $6 billion, despite huge costs. Apparently, for fear of a nuclear arms race, the program was halted before the first facility was assembled. Some believe the huge pyramid structure that still stands to be a Doomsday bunker or the Illuminati’s HQ. This sounds wild! In the middle of nowhere, this is the perfect spot for those who want to envelop themselves in the world of the unknown. The RSL-3 is open to public tours (one of the four missile facilities), but the rest are apparently abandoned and not open to visitors. With only two hotels in the surrounding area, you can’t get any more off-the-grid than this.

  • 12. The Sixth Floor Museum (JFK), Fort Worth, TX

    I came very close to visiting this and now I wish I did. I actually went to the spot where JFK was assigned and was able to see this spot from below. As you may know, the 36th US President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. Subject to a number of conspiracy theories, JFK’s death remains a controversial topic across the world. The gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot before he was ever tried, leading to the ongoing debate about his motive and if he really did it. Located at the very spot the shot was fired from is the Sixth Floor Museum, dedicated to the life and legacy of JFK. Those who visit this museum can look through historic footage, photographs, and displays, including a live view from the snipers’ position on that fateful day. The Sixth Floor Museum is undoubtedly an important part of American history, and those who attend can pay their respects whilst learning more about the conspiracy shrouded assassination. With plenty to do outside the museum and in the city, this is a must-stop for any conspiracy theorist.

  • 11. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

    This place is on my bucket list for sure. The theory that it creates new spaces fascinates me! The Winchester family, who invented the rifle, was the source of the name of this 19th-century home. It is said that the mansion is haunted by those who were killed by this gun, but with 161 rooms, including 40 bedrooms and two ballrooms, surely there is enough space for both the living and the dead, right? Winchester households more mysteries than just its paranormal occupants, from secret passageways and trap doors to staircases that lead nowhere. Some say it makes new ones each and every day. Now a national landmark, you can visit the Winchester House as a tourist attraction in California, with regular tours, onsite parking, and nighttime tours for the bravest among us. With a wide range of activities nearby, hotels, and things to do, the Winchester House is well worth a visit.

    Winchester Mystery House

  • 10. Flathead Lake, Missoula, MT

    Over 130 years have passed since the first sighting of the Flathead Lake Monster was reported. In honor of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, locals have named the lake monster “Flessie”, after Nessie. How cute? The Flathead monster is commonly described as a large eel-shaped creature, 20 to 40 feet long, with dark blue-black skin and black eyes. Although ‘Flessie’ may appear scary, there have been reports of displayed kindness, most notably from a 3-year-old boy who fell into the lake and claimed, “The Flathead monster lifted me up,” when asked by his mother how he got out. Those who visit Flathead Lake can enjoy breathtaking views of the largest natural freshwater lake. You’re also only a stone’s throw from Canada as Flathead Lake marks the southern limit of the Rocky Mountain Trench, extending northward to British Columbia, Canada. So, you can take your trip across the US border if you fancy. If you take this stop on Route 666, you can enjoy boat trips, hikes, golfing, fishing, rafting, and more. With an array of things to do, beautiful surroundings, and the chance of seeing ‘Flessie’ herself – what more could you ask for?

    10. Flathead Lake, Missoula, MT

  • 9. Skinwalker Ranch, Salt Lake City, UT

    Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, has been the focus of many scientific investigations into UFO activity and paranormal activity. People who have lived on the ranch have reported unexplainable, frightening experiences, including crop circles and cows being mutilated. Those who dare can visit the surrounding area of Skinwalker Ranch, which is now run by the National Institute for Discovery Sciences, a paranormal research organization. Although the ranch itself is privately owned and not open to the public, there have been many sightings of the unexplained around the Uintah Valley area.

    9. Skinwalker Ranch, Salt Lake City, UT

  • 8. Area 51, Las Vegas, NV

    It’s no shock this is on the list. Nevada is home to the highly classified facility of the United States Air Force (USAF). In spite of the fact that the facility’s operations aren’t known to the general public, a common belief is that it is linked to the development of experimental aircraft, which leads to our main theory: UFOs. The aircraft manufactured at Area 51 are believed to be based on alien technology. It is also believed that Area 51 holds, explores, and reverse engineers alien spacecraft. Tourists cannot enter Area 51, or even go within a certain mile radius as it is heavily guarded by armed officers. However, you can explore the surrounding area dubbed the “Extraterrestrial Highway”. Watch out (and keep your camera at the ready) for any suspicious aircraft that you might see as you drive through desert terrain. You can even stay the night in one of the 29 hotels around the area.

    8. Area 51, Las Vegas, NV

  • 7. HAARP, Anchorage, AK

    I don’t know if I will be heading to Alaska anytime soon, but this place sounds awesome! The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is the world’s most powerful high-frequency radio transmitter used for the study of the ionosphere. Owned by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and commissioned by the US Air Force and Navy, this fancy high-frequency technology is claimed by some to cause weather modification as part of weather warfare. Although it was announced HAARP was to be shut down in 2014 (…or was it?) conspiracy theorists can still visit this place of debate as it is now open to the public. Those who want to be remote and go off-the-grid will be pleased to know you are 198 miles away from the nearest city, so you can truly immerse yourself in the world of conspiracy.

    7. HAARP, Anchorage, AK

  • 6. Denver International Airport, Denver, CO

    I didn’t think an airport would make the list, but this place deserves it. Years of speculation have surrounded Denver Airport, from secret tunnels, secret societies, to being the Illuminati headquarters and having artwork that depicts the end of the world. According to some theorists, tunnels beneath the airport are bunkers built for the world’s elites during the inevitable apocalypse, while other theorists claim they lead directly to NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). Whether you want to view the apocalyptic artwork, marvel at the grinning gargoyles, or see the 32-foot-tall sculpture of a blue horse nicknamed ‘Blucifer’, Denver Airport has lots to offer. Just over 20 miles from the nearest city and with an abundance of food places to choose from, you can visit this stop and stay in one of the 56 hotels with an average four-star rating.

    6. Denver International Airport, Denver, CO

  • 5. Mount Rushmore Chambers, Rapid City, SD

    These four 60-foot statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln always seemed like a mystery to me. Like why did someone want to create these? But in addition to these sculptures, did you know about the secret Mount Rushmore Chamber? Behind Lincoln’s head, a small, concealed chamber was intended to be the Hall of Records, which would tell the complete story of the United States’ history. This chamber contains an unfinished no-entry chamber that has sparked several conspiracy theories. Whilst visitors may not enter this public-forbidden passageway, you can enjoy the museums, hiking trails, evening sculpture lighting ceremony and so much more. There are 77 different food options to choose from, so whether you prefer to wonder what’s inside the chamber or chow down on a hamburger, you’ll find something to suit your palate.

    5. Mount Rushmore Chambers, Rapid City, SD

  • 4. Georgia Guidestones, Elbert County, GA

    Here in Charlotte, we are not that far from this conspiracy spot. Several modern languages are engraved on the granite monument erected over 40 years ago, along with four ancient languages. Among other controversial beliefs, the authors appear to advocate eugenics and population control. The question of who wrote these guidelines and why continues to be a hot topic. Despite the fact that the Georgia Guidestones have astronomical alignments and features, it is still unknown what secrets the stones hold. 40 miles from the nearest city, explorers can enjoy a tranquil getaway away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With numerous tours available there are also 136 hotels within a 20-mile radius.

    4. Georgia Guidestones, Elbert County, GA

  • 3. Sedona Vortex, Phoenix, AZ

    There is more to Sedona than just its beauty – these famous red rocks in Arizona have energy centers called vortexes. Wicked! Various benefits and properties of these vortexes have been claimed, including calmness, spiritual enrichment, healing, and a pretty solid Instagram backdrop. Sedona’s landmarks, including Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon, radiate their own unique energy, and tourists come from all over the world to experience it. As this place holds such special energy, it has become a hotspot for UFO sightings, while the spiritual awakening Sedona can trigger is a mystery in and of itself. Sedona has so much to offer, such as a UFO and vortex tour, spas, and stargazing.

    3. Sedona Vortex, Phoenix, AZ

  • 2. Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

    After I watched the Netflix docuseries, ‘Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’, covering the tragic death of Elisa Lam, I’ve wanted to go here. In California, conspiracy theorists can discover the Cecil Hotel – now renamed Stay on Main, as an (albeit, failed) attempt to distance the building from its past. As one of Downtown LA’s oldest buildings, it may come as no surprise that the Cecil Hotel has seen more than its fair share of mysterious and evil happenings. Infamous for its serial killer stays (such as Richard Ramirez aka ‘The Night Stalker’), disproportionately high number of suicides, deaths, and murders. Visitors to the dubbed “most haunted hotel in LA” are right in the city center, so they can take a break from the macabre to explore LA. With approximately 499 tours and sightseeing opportunities, you’ll never run out of things to do.

    2. Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

  • 1. Redwood National and State Parks (BigFoot), Sacramento, CA

    The number one spot goes to Big Foot! At number one is one of the biggest (literally) conspiracy theories in the US: BigFoot. Prominent in US folklore originating over the past 500-1000 years, the 1.8–2.7 meter (6–9 ft) creature has been claimed to have been sighted by thousands of people. One of the most infamous alleged footage of BigFoot was filmed in none other than the Redwoods. It was described as a large, muscular, ape-like creature with dark hair. Redwood National Park is a sight to behold in its own right, with 139,000 acres of forest and home to the tallest, oldest, and one of the most massive tree species on Earth. In addition to the redwood forests, the parks preserve other indigenous cultures, topped off with a beautiful coastline and numerous hotels with an average 5-star rating.

    1. Redwood National and State Parks (BigFoot), Sacramento, CA

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