Today is January 20th. But more than that it’s some fun holidays as well. We honor one our favorite professions, foods, animals, and more. These are the holidays we celebrate on January 20th.


  • National DJ Day

    We have to start with the best! Today we celebrate the jocks that make our stations what they are! Shouldn’t every day be National DJ Day? It kind of is in our world.

  • National Cheese Lover's Day

    Now this is a holiday for me. National Cheese Lover’s Day. It’s going to be a “gouda’ day. Sorry couldn’t help myself!

  • National Penguin Day

    January 20th is just a fantastic day. Who doesn’t love penguins? They waddle around and flap their wings while dressed in tuxedos- what’s not to love? Enjoy this adorable video of one of my favorite animals!

  • Camcorder Day

    Some kids today don’t even know what a camcorder is. And if you don’t? Well, our phones didn’t always have the ability to record so when you had big moments or went on vacations you had to take a camcorder with you to capture the memories. The camcorder was one of the best inventions and completely changed human history. Imagine a world without movies? Or TikTok. Or Television.

  • Get To know Your Customers Day

    Every year the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October we honor “Get To Know Your Customers Day”. It’s a day for businesses to go the extra mile to find out who their customers are and what they want. So if you own a business or work for one, take a few minutes today to get to know them. They will thank you and it will help grow your brand as well. 

  • International Day of Acceptance

     International Day of Acceptance was created to recognize social acceptance of disability and the benefits that every person brings to a society.

  • National Coffee Break Day

    Another day I could celebrate all year round. Take today to take a break, walk to your kitchen, the break room at work, Starbucks, or your favorite local spot. Get that mid-day fix of caffeine and just treat yourself. You deserve it!

  • Take A Walk Outdoors Day

    While the weather may not be ideal to celebrate, maybe next week we can all enjoy a belated celebration.

  • Women’s Healthy Weight Day

    Women’s Healthy Weight Day is observed each year on Thursday of the third full week in January.  And in case no one told you yet you look gorgeous today! Each of us is unique and beautiful in our own way and the concept of healthy weight is the natural body weight looked at in relation to height. Health is made up of physical, mental, and social aspects.