Have you jumped on the electric vehicle trend? I am not the buy a new car often type, but even if I was I have a hard time jumping on the EV train. I’m just very skeptical about the logistics of it especially when it comes to long road trips which I take often. But my hesitancy is not reflective of much of the population. The percentage of electric vehicle owners is constantly increasing mainly influenced by concern over climate change. Many see the switch to EVs as an integral step in decreasing carbon emissions. Our friends over at StorageCafe recently conducted a study to determine the metro areas that are best equipped for EVs.  And they determined that the Charlotte Metro area of North Carolina is one of the most potentially electric vehicle-friendly cities.

Would you have guessed that? I sure wouldn’t. The area came in 23rd on the list of 100 cities. So while we aren’t right at the top, we are in the top 25%. We are considered a top 25 market so that consistently tracks.

Here are a few of the reasons why they ranked the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia metropolitan area of North Carolina so highly for electric vehicle readiness.

  • The Charlotte area saw a 53% year-over-year increase in electric vehicles in 2021. At this point there are now over 9,300 EVs on the streets.
  • We have also done a more than adequate job of creating the infrastructure to stimulate EV uptake. The Charlotte Metro Area has 0.3 public charging stations per 1,000 households. And nearly 4.7% of apartment buildings offer charging stations.
  • An eGallon (the Department of Energy says this term is “the cost of driving an electric vehicle (EV) the same distance a gasoline-powered vehicle could travel on one (1) gallon of gasoline,”) costs roughly $1.1 and insurance rates average around $105 per month. This makes owning an electric car in Charlotte not only environmentally friendly but also affordable.
  • 85.5% of Charlotte’s public transportation runs on clean fuel. Though there is still work to do with only 1.2% of the area’s power being derived from renewable sources.

Will your next vehicle be an electric vehicle? Do think it is convenient and affordable to own one in Charlotte? I’m still on the fence and feel like I will have at least one other gas car (though hopefully will not be purchasing any vehicle any time soon).

You can read StorageCafe’s full study and see where other cities ranked here.

North Carolina Town Named the No. 1 Most Beautiful, Affordable Place to Live in the U.S.

Have you seen the cost of living as of recently? Yes, that’s right it is quite expensive to survive around here. It’s pretty insane if you ask me. People are also getting to the point of relocating to more affordable cities more than ever. Some towns and cities are just so much more affordable that it’s a no-brainer to relocate.

Travel + Leisure released their list of the ten most beautiful and affordable places to live in the United States. Yes, affordable does not mean you won’t be able to have some beauty either. From fast-paced cities to small, quaint towns on the beaches there are tons of great, affordable places you could live. In fact, one North Carolina town took home the No. 1 spot for the most beautiful and affordable spot in the U.S. One South Carolina area also made the top five. Do you have any guesses? Check out the top 5 below and tell us what you think. View Travel + Leisure’s full list here.

  • 5. Knoxville, Tennessee

    First, we’re taking a trip to Tennessee, Knoxville to be exact. Knoxville is the No. 5 most affordable and beautiful place to live on this list. The area gives those that live there a perfect balance of city and nature living. The report states that the median housing price is about $335,000 which is figuratively low for other small, metro type areas in the country.

  • 4. Louisville, Kentucky

    Next up, we’re living it up in Kentucky. Lousiville, Kentucky is the No. 4 most affordable, beautiful location to live. This city is full of life with the history and culture that can be seen in buildings and through the locals. The median housing cost is quite low coming in at $163,000. Now that sounds like a great deal to me!

  • 3. Greenville, South Carolina

    Coming in at No. 3, we’re heading to South Carolina. Greenville is one of South Carolina’s most up-and-coming cities that has grown tremendously over the last few years. The city has tons of job opportunities, restaurants, and tons of other things to do. The median home price is about $320,000. The revamped downtown areas offer visitors and locals a fresh new look at what Greenville is all about! 

  • 2. Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Coming in at No. 2 is this Michigan staple, Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids area is home to a booming arts scene and offers those that live in the area tons of things to do. The family friendly area offers entertainment for the entire family ranging in different ages. They also have a median home price of $367,000 which is roughly low compared to the area. 

  • 1. Hickory, North Carolina

    Here we are at No. 1! Hickory, North Carolina is the most beautiful and affordable spot to live in the U.S. This family friendly spot is a beautiful town for those loving the close proximity to nature and mountain dreams. The median home price is $161,000 which makes it clearly far more affordable than anywhere else in the top 5. Great for retirees or those looking for a bit quieter area to call home, Hickory would be perfect for you!