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Congratulations! Thanks for listening and participating in our contests. Now it’s time to pick up your prize! Here are some answers to commonly asked questions listed below.

Office Address: 1520 South Blvd, Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28203

Normal Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm.  

How long do I have to pick up my prize? If you won concert or event tickets you will have up until 5:30 pm the day of the show to pick them up or 5:30 pm the Friday before if the show is on a weekend. If you won something else i.e. a gift card, prize pack, or tickets that do not have a specific date of use such as Carowinds tickets, you will have 30 days to pick it up.

Can someone else pick my prize up for me? Unfortunately no, the winner must be the person to pick up a prize as it is tied to your name and we have paperwork that must be completed.

Are you able to mail me my prize? No, prizes must be picked up at the station by the winner. 

Where can I park? There is a parking deck in the back accessible off of East Park Avenue. Parking is free in the deck, there are designated spots on the first floor for short term visitors or feel free to park in any unmarked spot.

How do I get to the third floor? When you walk in the lobby to the elevators there is an intercom system on the wall, just push the button and let our receptionist know you are here to pick up a prize, they will allow you access to the third floor.

Do I need to bring anything with me? You must bring a photo ID with you to pick up your prize.

Is my prize ready for pick up? You should be told when you win if your prize is in the house or not. If your prize is not in the house, you will receive a call once it is ready for pick up at the number you provided when you won. If you are not sure or your event is a week or less away please call our front desk at 704-522-1103 and they can check for you.