Choppin' It Up With QCB

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Latest Episode: Brady vs Everybody & NBA is Ridiculous
QCB SB53 Radio Row interviews has QCB not in a good mood...He'll tell you why...Plus The Expert in Everything Bartholomew Wilcox said "Just see what Tom Brady's doing and simply stop it"...Q agrees with Charles Barkley and much much more. 

Checkpoint 76

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Latest Episode: Episode 06 - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Bethesda releases a new Inside the Vault detailing some changes to the Scorchbeast Queens behavior. Meanwhile, they remain silent on the community’s reaction to the TSE nerfs. Plus, is the game population falling off due to a lack of a content?

Taking Dead Aim With Charlie Nance

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Latest Episode: Rickie's Redemption In The Desert
Rickie Fowler's final round recounted by the man on the call for Sirius XM/PGA Tour Radio, Bill Rosinski.  Gil Capps, the man who produced EVERY event Johnny Miller ever called for NBC recounts the announcer's great career.  And part two of our amazing conversation with golf historian Peter Kessler.