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2 Beloved North Carolina Zoos For Sale

Ever wanted to own your own zoo? Here is your chance. 2 beloved North Carolina zoos are for sale at the same time. And one of the zoos is located near Charlotte, North Carolina. A Rare and Bear Opportunity This is a rare opportunity for someone with the passion and credentials to enter the wildlife tourism industry. According to our source, The New York Post, two of North Carolina's most beloved attractions are miraculously on the market at the same time. Zootastic and Aloha Safari Park are up for grabs. Not 1 but 2 North Carolina zoos for sale. North Carolina Zoos For Sale Zootastic Park is reportedly the largest privately owned and operated zoo in the Tar Heel State. It may take investors to acquire this property. It has a price tag of 16 million, animals included with met criteria. This zoo is located near Charlotte and it situated on 186 acres. It features exotic animal interactions and even a holiday lights drive through. Aloha Safari Park can be acquired for a lot less money. This 66 acre zoo is known for its hand on experiences and will set you back around $4.5 million. Many people that live near these zoos are reportedly stunned as these are not only businesses but "cherished institutions". This zoo is located near Fayetteville and is considered one of the most hands on zoos in the country. It features 300 species of animals. Potential New Owners Must Have Proper Passion and Proper Licensing Of course you can't just plop the millions down and start running things. Potential buyers of both zoos must meet licensing standards for working with exotic animals. Scottie Brown owns both parks and says he wants to pass on his legacy to passionate new stewards of the property. 2 beloved North Carolina zoos for sale and one is near Charlotte. Of course there are those who believe wild animals should not be in a zoo at all. [select-listicle listicle_id="457244" syndication_name="best-places-in-north-carolina-to-explore-different-animals" description="yes"]  

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