North Carolina And South Carolina Don’t Agree On Which Christmas Movie Is The Best

It's a topic more hotly debated than who should be America's next president, or which ex-boyfriend Taylor Swift's latest single is about. Be careful, Travis Kelce. I'm talking about holiday movies. Everyone has an opinion about which is the best Christmas movie. Since it's that time of year, I think we should get into it. Let's get the first question out of the way right off the bat. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Once and for all, NO! Sure, that's just my opinion but, according to a new survey from Today's Homeowner, most of America (59.21%) agrees with me. Just because it takes place during the holiday season doesn't automatically make it a Christmas movie. Can we put that one to rest now? Here's a better question: What is the best Christmas movie of all time? I used to say that it was A Christmas Story, and I still love the 1983 tale of Ralphie's quest for his Red Ryder BB Rifle. But a more recent holiday feature has taken the top spot in my personal ranking. For my money, it's hard to beat 2003's Elf for overall Yuletide entertainment. America's Favorite Christmas Movie How does the rest of America feel? According to the survey, A Christmas Story still ranks as the most popular Christmas movie in the nation 40 years after its initial theatrical release. Folks in 24 states, including North Carolina, chose it as their favorite. Will Ferrell shouldn't hang his head, though. Elf takes the top spot in 11 states. Fun Fact: Peter Billingsley appears in both of those movies. Another fun-filled Christmas comedy, Home Alone, claims third place. Four states can't get enough of Macaulay Culkin's madcap antics from the '90s. That's followed by Frank Capra's 1946 holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. The iconic film starring James Stewart and Donna Reed is still the preferred choice in three states, including South Carolina. If you disagree with me on the Die Hard question, you're not alone. The shoot-em-up action flick (and that's what it is) tied with How the Grinch Stole Christmas for fifth place on the nationwide list. Each has two states ranking it as their favorite Christmas movie. You can see the complete state-by-state breakdown HERE.

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