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9 Crystals That Will Elevate Your Workspace

Looking to increase your mood, reduce stress, and make your workplace a more calming and relaxing environment? You may not instantly think of crystals as a way to do that, but perhaps you should. Our friends at TinyRituals provided us with information on crystals and their workspace benefits from crystal expert Brett Larkin. This comes after data was revealed that North Carolina is the 5th most stressed state about work. And that's not good for anyone. I've chosen to try and make my office a relaxing retreat, featuring only ambient lighting from led lights, and two small lamps. Visitors often comment on the vibe. Which all really came from my lack of a window and hatred of fluorescent lighting. But another thing that some experts believe can help with mood and stress is crystals. Larkin says that these can help when you feel overwhelmed at work, as well as reduce anxiety. And people are looking for a way to do just that. In fact, according to TinyRituals Google searches for "anxiety-fighting crystals" have grown exponentially. The search has increased by 350% in just the last year. And reading the benefits of these, while I am skeptical, does seem tempting. If these can actually do what is claimed I and most people could easily benefit from them. Crystals offer a natural way to treat your mood and overall well-being. Which means there isn't a downside or side effects. I'm certainly tempted to give some of these a try. Keep reading to see 9 of the best crystals to elevate your workspace. I'm intrigued and willing to try these out when the benefits are said to include reduced stress, protection against negative thoughts, luck, prosperity, and mental clarity. Who can't use a little more of those things?