A person getting a piece of cheesy pepperoni pizza

If there is one thing that I can eat every single day, it’s pizza. Pizza is so good any and every day no matter what time of the day it is. I can enjoy a slice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even for a late-night snack. I know, not everyone may enjoy a good slice of pizza but I cannot relate to that life. My friends know that me and pizza go together really bad! Even the basic cheese slice can really brighten my day up. But, one thing about me is I enjoy finding new places to try out. When I am in a new city or new state, I am always looking for great foods to try out. Pizza is typically on that list when I find a cool hole-in-the-wall spot that seems small, but probably tastes even better.

So, since I have officially been in North Carolina for a year now I know there is so much I need to explore. I want to find a few pizza spots to try out throughout the state. I heard there are some great, small pizza spots home to some of the greatest pizzas you can try. I asked around and did some research through TikTok and Google and compiled a list of some of the best pizza spots in North Carolina. Of course, Charlotte had quite a few spots on the list which means I can check those out soon but I certainly want to be able to find some throughout the state as well. Check out this list of some of the best pizza spots I could find in the state of North Carolina and tell me what you think!

  • Manhattan Pizza - Raleigh, North Carolina

    So, I found this one on TikTok and it certainly got my attention really quick by how great it looked in the videos. Manhattan Pizza is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and serving up some great options. Manhattan Pizza is serving up that class Manhattan, New York pizza slices right here in the Carolina. You can build your own pizza or try some unique flavors such as truffle porcini, spinach pie, Manhattan supreme, steak & cheese, mac n cheesy, and so much more! The photos and videos are making me want to take a day trip to Raleigh just to give it a taste!

  • Giacomo's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant - Charlotte, North Carolina

    Are you hungry? Well, here is another spot you can check out that’s right here in Charlotte. Giacomo’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant is serving up all of your pizza dreams in a single slice. Enjoy a slice of authentic NY style pizza right here in Charlotte. Their menu has pizza options like buffalo chicken, alfredo pizza, bruschetta, and the classics like cheese or pepperoni.

  • Randy's Pizza - Raleigh, North Carolina

    Of course, this one had my name so I had to take a look into more information on this spot. Randy’s Pizza is located in Raleigh and is home to the largest slice in the Triangle. They’ve got NY style pizza and subs all available for you. You can enjoy pizza options like lasagna, supreme, BBQ chicken, kickin’ Hawaiian, and more!

  • Lost Province Brewing Co. - Boone, North Carolina

    If you are ever out in the buttons, then you know Boone. Right in Boone, you can find this great pizza spot. Lost Province Brewing Co. is serving up authentic pizza with all house made ingredients. Their traditional Neapolitan dough will give you a crisp crunch and flavor to your pizza. Their wood fired pizza menu has some cool names for their unique flavors. The sweet beet pizza has Rosemary Olive Oil, Fresh Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Sweet Potatoes, Beets, Candied Walnuts, Rosemary, and Jalapeño Honey. Plus there’s “The Bubba” pizza that has Pimento Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella, Heritage Farms Bacon, House Pickled Jalapeños, Roasted Red Peppers, Pickled Yellow Onion. Talk about some great tasting options!

  • PIE.ZZA - Charlotte & Asheville, North Carolina

    Here is a goodie that has two North Carolina locations that we can enjoy. Whether you’re here in Charlotte or hanging out in Asheville, you can visit PIE.ZZA and grab a slice. They’re home to some of the best late night pizza in America. At PIE.ZZA, you can get a wide range of topping options from their sausage pie and garden pie to their buffalo souljah pie and roni pie. The flavors and ingredients are unique, but the photos and videos truly look great! It’s certainly something I need to give a try.

  • Hunt Brothers Pizza - Multiple Spots Throughout North Carolina

    If you want somewhere with multiple locations then we have found the one for you. Hunt Brothers has multiple locations throughout the state, so you can give them a taste in multiple cities throughout North Carolina. Hunt Brothers Pizza is serving up tons of pizza options with up to 1,024 topping combinations that you can tackle at one price. Whether you get their original crust or thin crust, you will be sure to taste all of the flavors. Enjoy their lotsa meat pizza, veggie pizza, or even a breakfast pizza. That’s right, breakfast!

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