And I am officially doing the wrong thing with my life. Yes, I post occasionally on TikTok but I’ve yet to make a penny off of that. But if you’re doing it correctly, you can be making a pretty penny. And one of the most popular types of accounts on the social media platform? Dogs. There are tons of dog influencers on TikTok and many of them are quite successful. The hashtag “dog” has a whopping 413.8 billion views with #dogsofTikTok and #dogs each having well over 100 billion views as well. That’s a billion with b. But more important in the world of influencers than views is engagement rates (likes, comments, shares, etc) which these canines are also racking up.

Our friends at Printed Pet Memories conducted a study on the most financially successful dog influencers on TikTok. And yeah, I’m in the completely wrong career field. These dogs are racking up what I make in a week in one post. To come up with these dollar amounts Printed Pet Memories used an Influencer Marketing Calculator (didn’t know that existed) to figure out what they can earn per sponsored TikTok post. Anyone have a dog I can borrow? Keep reading to see who the most successful dog influencers are, a cute video of them, as well as what they can bring in per post.

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