I love some nifty hacks. Even though doing the laundry probably isn’t the highlight of your week, a few simple adjustments here and there can make all the difference. I actually don’t mind doing laundry, but sometimes I feel like the wrinkles and stains will be the death of me.

Whether you’ve just purchased a new washing machine or you’re looking for some tips on how to get the most out of your current one, Beko, the UK’s number one best-selling large home appliance brand has you covered. Here are seven tips on how to get your laundry game on top form and be a boss at the laundry.

  • 1. Avoid Bad Smells by Removing Excess Moisture

    Mildew and mold can easily form in washing machines, resulting in a nasty odor. Keep your detergent drawer clean by removing any excess detergent at least once a week to avoid this from happening. The door should also be left open after each wash to let air into the drum, and excess moisture should be removed from the door and sealed with a clean cloth.

  • 2. Use Vinegar On Sweat Stains

    I once ordered a shirt and the armpits smelled so bad. I tried this, and it did work! In order to get rid of sweat stains on white clothing, rub a little white vinegar on the patches before putting them in the washing machine. This is an easy, but effective stain remover (remember to check the labels of your clothes before using this). It also helps with the smell. (If any)

  • 3. Freeze Before Washing

    I had a boyfriend once who would do this. He actually frequently kept his jeans in the freezer. I thought he was insane. When washing clothing made of fluffy fabrics (think cotton, wool, linen, and other natural, soft fibers), pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours before putting them into the machine to help reduce bobbling (please check garment label instructions before trialing this)

  • 4. Do the Dye Test

    Why not try the dye test instead of worrying about whether clothing colors will bleed? You can do this by dampening a small area of the material and pressing a white tissue over it. It is best to wash colored clothing separately from other clothes if any color transfers.

  • 5. Put Your Zippers Up Before Washing

    Jeans and jackets with zips should be closed properly before washing in order to prevent snagging other clothing.

  • 6. Wash Tights and Socks in an Old Pillowcase or Mesh Bag

    Put your tights and trainer socks into a mesh bag or an old pillowcase. As a result, tights won’t snag, and small socks won’t be washed away.

  • 7. Check Your Wash with the Hand Trick

    That loud banging is from an overloaded drum. No one likes it! If the drum is overloaded, the machine’s performance and life will suffer. You should be able to fit your whole hand comfortably in the top of the drum once it’s full. If you can’t, then consider removing some items.

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