There is something to be said about being a woman who works full-time in Charlotte, North Carolina. A new study from Smartest Dollar shows these women earn more annually than the national median average.

Smartest Dollar looked at cities within the the U.S. where women made the highest wages. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and unreliable child care, these women continued to have a place in the workforce. And their salaries grew. The cities were ranked based on the locations median annual wage for women working full time and adjusted cost of living.

The analysis found full-time working women in the Queen City actually earned an adjusted median wage of $50,056. That is more than the national median of $49, 263.

Women Earn Less In Health Services And Education Jobs

According to the study, over the past decade, wage growth has steadily increased for women working full time. But, most of the women are in professions that pay relatively little. For example, the research found mostly women fill health services and education jobs. Women are also overrepresented in clericals roles. Those include administrative assistants, clerks and legal support workers.

There are some occupations in the health field that pay well, like registered nurses. But many others pay below the national median. For example, the study showed the majority of preschool teachers are women, and they typically earn $30,210 per year.

Women Earn More In Northeast States

Research showed women earned higher wages depending on what part of the country they worked. States in the Northeast and on the West Coast tend to have higher median earnings for women after adjusting for cost of living. Not to mention these locations offer more professional occupations that pay more. For example, in Massachusetts, the median cost-of-living-adjusted wage for full-time women is $62,443. It leads the states in best pay for women.

In the western part of the U.S., there are more higher paying cities for women. That’s because of more professional occupations like technology, finance and law.


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