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This North Carolina City Was Named The Most Boring And I Couldn’t Disagree More

One list you don't want your city on? The Most Boring Cities. But one major North Carolina city made that list and I just have one question. What are you doing that makes Raleigh, North Carolina boring? Seriously you're not doing it right if so. Yes, I know I live in Charlotte. Yes, I know about the made-up "rivalry" between the cities. But I just don't get it! This study was conducted by our friends at BetCarolina. They set out to find what they describe as "America’s most unremarkable metropolitan area". To do this they surveyed 600 U.S. residents via the subreddit r/AskReddit. They asked users to select the "most boring US city" from a list of the country’s top 50 most populous ones. And apparently, people find Raleigh North Carolina boring. It ranked as the 5th most boring city on this survey. Here are the top 10 most boring cities: Indianapolis, IN San Jose, CA Phoenix, AZ Houston, TX Raleigh, NC Dallas, TX Jacksonville, FL (TIE FOR 6th) Columbus, OH Omaha, NE Bakersfield, CA I can't speak for the majority of these cities. I enjoyed my time in Phoenix (and they have hosted some of the biggest events in the last year so they must be doing something right), and will definitely be making a return trip to Jacksonville and the surrounding area at some point. But perhaps it's the nostalgia of college but I adore Raleigh. And when I was there just this weekend the city was anything but boring. Raleigh North Carolina Boring? Not To Me So what is that makes Raleigh North Carolina boring? You've got me stumped. Raleigh has always attracted numerous concerts and events. They are home to the NC State Fair each fall. And the city is adding bars, restaurants, breweries, and shopping options seemingly daily. There are museums full of art, science, and history. And this last weekend? The city was absolutely buzzing. Riding the wave of NC State in the Final Four was something I'll always be thankful I got to experience. I took a walk around campus Saturday morning and you could feel the excitement. And it's not just the Wolfpack sports the city is excited about. The Carolina Hurricanes, the city's NHL team is getting set to host playoff hockey later this month. J. Cole's Dreamville Festival drew thousands to the area this weekend as well. The city is thriving and in my opinion, offers something for everyone! So sorry BetCarolina and all you people on Reddit. Raleigh is far from boring. Perhaps you just haven't visited or been to the correct places! In fact, I wouldn't consider most places in North Carolina boring. From Charlotte and Raleigh to the beaches of Wilmington and the mountains it's full of fun things to do! Thanks to our friends at BetCarolina for sharing their research with us. You can read the full study and learn more here. [select-listicle listicle_id="456115" syndication_name="this-north-carolina-city-is-the-number-2-city-people-are-dreaming-of-moving-to" description="yes"]

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