North Carolina Sports Franchise Sold Out Every Game This Season

Here in Charlotte, you may be more than discouraged at the state of our professional sports teams. The Panthers well we all know how that's been going for years and it's not well. The Hornets are fine but haven't really managed to rise to a level that excites the city. The best hope in Charlotte for professional sports right now is Charlotte FC. The team (from an outsider with no knowledge or appreciation of the sport) seems like they are fairly successful and have done a great job of bringing in a fan base. But it's the professional sports league not in Charlotte that has reached a milestone this year. Not only are they playoff bound but the Carolina Hurricanes sold out every home game this season. 61 Straight Games The Carolina Hurricanes Sold Out According to the National Hockey League, The┬áCarolina Hurricanes have sold out 61 consecutive games. This dates back to last year as they have played 41 home games this year. The team played Sunday was the last regular season home game of the year. The Canes ended the home season with a 3-0 victory over the Blue Jackets. They have a few more road games to play before the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begin on April 20th. You can bet PNC Arena in Raleigh will be rocking then with the playoff games for the Carolina Hurricanes sold out. A press release put out by the team states that "PNC Arena's listed capacity for hockey is 18,700, but this season the team averaged 18,798 fans per game, 100.5% of that total." While people laughed years ago at the idea that Southerners would embrace hockey only three US Teams have a better average attendance than the Carolina Hurricanes. Those teams are Tampa Bay, Detroit, and Chicago. While no playoff date has been set just yet, the earliest that game could be played is April 20th. But you can guarantee this will be another game the Carolina Hurricanes sold out. Sports fans in Raleigh have had a fun few weeks and hopefully, the Canes continue that fun! Good luck . [select-listicle listicle_id="394549" syndication_name="best-sports-anthems-ranked" description="yes"]      

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