CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - OCTOBER 09: A view of at Bank of America Stadium during the fourth quarter between the San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers on October 09, 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

**Update as of a little past 11am this morning the Panthers have parted ways with Matt Rhule**

We knew it was coming, I don’t think one Panther fan actually thought we had a chance to win yesterday. Even the most optimistic of fans is losing faith. Yesterday’s matchup against the San Francisco 49ers paired the number one defense in the NFL (San Francisco) against the number 32, dead last, offense (Carolina). For the Panthers to pull out a win would have taken a miracle. Those don’t seem to exist on Mint Street these days. And the Carolinas are over it. Let’s face it, we’ve been over it. I’ll give the first year under Rhule a pass, it takes time to get a new system in place, and the guys you want on the roster. 2021 was brutal. But this year, this may be the most infuriating season in franchise history. And it’s showing. Fans are fed up with the Carolina Panthers. This includes a local Mayor Pro Tem who took to Twitter to rant about the Panthers’ leaders.

Fans Are Fed Up With The Panthers

He’s not the only one, social media was abuzz yesterday during the game. Ken McCool the mayor pro tem of Matthews, was one of the highest profile, nonsports professionals, who let his thoughts known. And he did not hold back. Journalists, analysts, and fans also ripped the organization mainly David Tepper and Matt Rhule. No one understands what is going on inside the organization. Why decisions haven’t been made, and what the tolerable threshold is. I can only imagine the money being lost by Tepper but for whatever reason, he’s standing behind his guy.

Maybe today is the day we move on from Rhule. Even if we do, I have no expectations of a win Sunday in LA. But with Rhule at the helm for the visit to the reigning Super Bowl champs, you’re more likely to win the lottery.

Twitter Reacts To Yet Another Panthers Loss

  • It sure does feel worlds away from 2016

    David Tepper and Matt Rhule have ruined any culture the Panthers have had, sad…

    It sure does feel like we are watching a completely different franchise than we were a few years ago. The passion and interest of the fans are gone. The excitement of gamedays is nonexistent. I personally turn on games, to half pay attention, and go in with absolutely no expectation of a win.

  • He then lobbied to bring Cam Newton back

    “Can Cam Newton come back? Please”

    Cam has been a shell of himself since being plagued by injuries. But if anything, he’s a fan favorite, and would pique interest. Finding a franchise quarterback is one of the most difficult things in professional football. Teams go years and years without finding their guy. The difference, some are good enough that they can get by and even win championships without a superstar at the helm. Unfortunately, the Panthers under Rhule are not one of them. Guys like Rogers, Brady, and Mahomes are tough to come by.

  • They certainly are welcomed with open arms

    “I don’t think I have the authority to, but I want to ban Matt Rhule, David Tepper, and Baker Mayfield from Matthews.”

    He’s correct I don’t think he has the authority. But if they see this tweet they won’t be willingly visiting that’s for sure.

  • Money talks, and Panthers fans aren't spending

    What David Tepper and Matt Rhule have done to the Carolina Panthers and the city of Charlotte. Unreal.”

    I don’t blame fans for not wanting to waste their time. Attending games is expensive and between tickets, parking, food, and beverages you’re asking fans to drop hundreds. Not to mention giving up their time and energy. And the product being put on the field is not worth that. In the slightest.

  • This isn't even mediocrity

    After the Panthers lost to the Falcons 29-3 on November 17, 2019, David Tepper held a press conference saying mediocrity won’t be tolerated. Since that press conference, the Panthers are 11-33.”

    I’d argue mediocrity would be winning 50% of the time. This is not mediocre. This is one of the worst teams in the NFL. It wasn’t tolerated during an injury-filled season with a coach, who had nothing to do with Tepper, that took the team to a Super Bowl. Why is it being tolerated with a coach who had been in over his head since day one and has shown no signs of improving.

  • The one brightside

    “Panthers nation, let’s ride”

    The one advantage to being the worst team is the top draft pick. That being said, it’s no guarantee that the pick will pay off. Baker Mayfield was the number one overall pick and Sam Darnold was also a first-round pick. Cam Netwon was our pick the last time the organization had the number one pick.

  • Make it make sense

    Matt Rhule is 11-27 (28.9%) as Panthers coach. Ron Rivera was fired with a record as 76-63-1 (54.2%).”

    Numbers don’t lie. And Rhule’s record is dismal with the same issues year after year. A lack of progress, questionable in-game decision-making, and a lack of wins should cost him his job. While moving on would cost the franchise money, the damage being done for the brand will be much more costly in the long term.

  • May as well have played this in San Fran

    Nothing but red remains”

    A picture or in this case video is worth 1000 words. Do the right thing Tepper.

  • It's unrecognizable these days

    I miss these times so much. I miss the top class players. I miss having a respectable coach. I miss having an owner who cared. I miss us being so fun to watch. The franchise has been completely ripped apart by David Tepper, we’re at rock bottom with nothing left. #Panthers”


  • Couldn't have said it better

    I speak for the entire fan base when I say this: Screw you, both. You’ve ruined the Carolina Panthers.”

    I’ll leave you with this, because I can’t sum it up any other way.

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