Rom-Coms are definitely a guilty pleasure of many- myself included. Have you ever wondered which Rom Com actors and actresses North Carolina is swooning over? There are so many classic movies and stars of those films it can be hard to pick a favorite. Especially with so many dreamy actors appearing. But where there’s a will there’s a way. And that’s why the team at Shane Co. turned to Google Trends to finally name the Rom-Com King & Queen. The analyzed search volume to determine were the most popular in each state. Some notable findings:

  • Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston were the king and queen of the rom-com genre overall.
  • Unsurprisingly an actor/actress often took the title in their home state. This includes Matthew McConaughey in Texas, Josh Lucas in Arkansas, Patrick Dempsey in Maine, Emma Stone in Arizona, and Jennifer Garner in West Virginia.

Shane & Co.’s methodology according to their website: In order to determine the most popular romantic comedy actors and actresses in the U.S., we evaluated Google Trends search data over the past five years (from March of 2017 to March of 2022). First, we compiled a list of 60 actors from sites like IMDB and MovieWeb. From there, we compared search volume for each actor across all 50 states in order to determine the most popular rom-com actor and actress in every U.S. state.

Keep reading to see who each state considers Rom-Com King & Queen:

  • Most Popular Rom Com Actors

  • 5. George Clooney (TIE)

    States: Kentucky, Massachusetts

    George Clooney

  • 5. Josh Lucas (TIE)

    States: Arizona, South Carolina

    Josh Lucas

  • 5. Leonardo DiCaprio (TIE)

    States: Alaska, Alabama

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • 5. Patrick Swayze (TIE)

    States: Tennessee, West Virginia

    Patrick Swayze

  • 4. Michael Ealy

    States: Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi

    Michael Ealy

  • 3. Billy Crystal

    States: Connecticut, Delaware, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota

    Billy Crystal

  • 2. Heath Ledger

    States: Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

    Heath Ledger

  • 1. Tom Hanks

    States: Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington

    Tom Hanks

  • North Carolina's Favorite Rom Com Actor

    Channing Tatum!

    Channing Tatum

  • Other Mentioned Actors

    Ryan Gosling: California

    Taye Diggs: Washington DC

    Richard Gere: Florida

    Henry Golding: Hawaii

    John Cusack: Illinois

    Paul Rudd: Kansas

    Patrick Dempsey: Maine

    Adam Sandler: New Hampshire

    Matthew McConaughey: Texas

    Ryan Reynolds: Utah

    Cary Grant: Vermont

    Mark Ruffalo: Wisconsin

  • Most Popular Rom Com Actresses

  • 5. Rachael Leigh Cook (TIE)

    States: Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska

    Rachael Leigh Cook

  • 5. Mandy Moore (TIE)

    States: New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania

    Mandy Moore

  • 5. Jennifer Lopez (TIE)

    States: Florida, New Jersey, Nevada

    Jennifer Lopez

  • 4. Julia Roberts

    States: California, Georgia, Maryland, New Mexico

    Julia Roberts

  • 3. Sandra Bullock

    States: Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Wyoming

    Sandra Bullock

  • 2. Drew Barrymore

    States: Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Washington

    Drew Barrymore

  • 1. Jennifer Aniston

    State: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Wisconsin

    Jennifer Aniston

  • Other Mentioned Actresses

    Emma Stone: Arizona

    Meryl Streep: Washington, DC

    Julia Stiles: Delaware, Maine

    Constance Wu: Hawaii

    Meg Ryan: Idaho, Montana

    Mila Kunas: Illinois, South Dakota

    Nicole Kidman: Massachusetts, Oregon

    Kate Winslet: Rhode Island

    Reese Witherspoon: Tennessee

    Renee Zellweger: Texas

    Anne Hathaway: Virginia

    Nia Vardalos: Vermont

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