RJ Bell Straight Outta Vegas



RJ Bell is the founder/CEO of pregame.com, the largest American digital media organization covering sports betting and the exclusive odds provider for The Associated Press. He joined FOX Sports Radio in 2017 to launch Straight Outta Vegas as a Friday and Saturday evening show and was promoted to a weekday timeslot after a successful year-long run.

Now broadcasting Monday through Friday from 6 – 7 p.m. ET, the weekday launch of Straight Outta Vegas in September 2018 marked the historic debut of the first-ever national daily radio show focused on sports betting. The one-hour program gives fans a real-time Vegas perspective on each upcoming game’s kickoff, opening tip, and first pitch. Also featuring FOX Sports Radio personality Jonas Knox, as well as famed betting experts Brad Powers and Steve Fezzik, Straight Outta Vegas informs and entertains sports fans with on-the-ground reporting – including breaking news and changing odds – right up until game time.