Anna Delvey has been invited to speak to one of the Harvard MBA classes even though she was convicted of multiple fraud charges. Oxford has also inquired about having Delvey speak to some of their students as well. Many are wondering what Anna will be discussing. Last year, Anna Delvey revealed that she deserves a second chance and is looking to speak more for different universities and events.

I binge-watched Inventing Anna last year and was infatuated with her saga. If you aren’t familiar with the story she was arrested after pretending to be a German heiress and scamming investors and banks out of millions of dollars. She was eventually arrested in 2019 and spent a few years in jail before being released for good behavior.

I have to say I’m intrigued as to what Anna Delvey could speak to Ivy League students at Harvard about. I hope her presentation will be recorded!