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This North Carolina City Made A List For Best Barbecue But Competing City Beat Them Out

I certainly love barbecue, and I judge it pretty harshly.  I grew up in Texas.  In the Lone Star State, when someone says barbecue they are talking exclusively about brisket.  And, it is to die for when done correctly.  When we moved away I thought we'd never find any other state that could hack it.  But, I was wrong.  We have been able to find delicious barbecue in places like Birmingham, Alabama and even North and South Carolina.  So, when I saw that a North Carolina city made a list for best barbecue, I had to find out how it ranked.  And, unfortunately the news was good but not great for Charlotte, North Carolina. Bid-On-Equipment recently put out a list of "top 50 cities for barbecue lovers."  Although Charlotte made the list, they only made it to 22 out of 50.  And, to the Queen City's disappointment Raleigh beat them coming in at 12.  And, there's even worse news for the neighboring state of South Carolina.  There wasn't one city in the entire state that made this list.  I'm not all together sure how they come up with these rankings.  But, I find it hard to believe because I have had some great barbecue in South Carolina. As you might imagine, cities in Texas appear several times on the list in various spots, including Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth.  And, Kansas City was high on the list at number 2.  However, the number one spot belongs to Atlanta. We could probably argue about the accuracy of these rankings all day.  After all, everyone has a strong opinion when it comes to their favorite barbecue.  But Bid-On-Equipment says they did an analysis of Google searches to arrive at the rankings.  And, some results might surprise you.  See the full list here to see where your favorite cities rank and if you agree! [select-listicle listicle_id="334409" syndication_name="best-bbq-joints-in-north-carolina-south-carolina" description="yes"]

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