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It’s Finally Happening A Charlotte Passport Office

There will soon be a Charlotte passport office. It's long overdue and oh so welcome. Always keep your passport up to date. You may never know when you will need it. I was in a situation a few years ago where I had the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime international trip. The only issue was, that my passport had expired. Luckily I did have a little bit of time. But I had to drive over an hour to find an appointment and pay for the rush service, as well as the cost of expedited shipping there and back. It wasn't cheap. It was worth it, but I now will never let it expire again. Even if I don't anticipate needing it. Some people are even thrown into more of emergency situations where they need a passport that day or within a couple of days. In those situations if you were in North or South Carolina. You'd have to make the drive to either Atlanta or DC. Neither of those are fun drives to make especially if you are dealing with the stress of needing to unexpectedly travel internationally. Charlotte Passport Office According to the US Department of State, "in 1990, only five percent of Americans had a passport.  Today, that number is 48 percent." This growing demand has led the US Department of State to establish six new passport agencies.  These will be scattered across the country in Salt Lake City, UT; Kansas City, MO; Orlando, FL; San Antonio, TX; Cincinnati, OH; and right here in Charlotte. The main goal of these agencies, and the 29 others already open across the country, is to assist travelers who have "urgent travel needs". Regular service will also be offered, but citizens seeking new or renewal passport services are encouraged to visit an acceptance facility. The Charlotte passport office will also be able to assist with lost or stolen passports, and same day issuance (if approved) or turn around within 14 days. So far it has not been announced where in Charlotte the passport office will be located or a timeline for opening. You can learn more and stay up to date regarding the Charlotte passport office here.

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