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South’s Best Mountain Towns Includes 1 In North Carolina You Might Not Be Familiar With

We see suggestions in travel publications every day for amazing vacations.  And, I ran across a list from Travel + Leisure for the South's best mountain towns including one in North Carolina you might not be familiar with. Obviously, when we think of North Carolina mountain towns, we think of the areas around Boone and Asheville.  And certainly, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a must visit in the Fall.  But, one on this list was a little town I had to research to learn more about. Where Is One Of The South's Best Mountain Towns? Lansing, North Carolina made the author's list of the South's best mountain towns.  So, upon searching for information about Lansing I found the tiny spot is in the mountains of Ashe County.  It's often referred to as a bit of a hidden gem of the High Country.  Google searches indicate visitors can find trout waters, historic u-pick farms, live music and amazing food. And, according to census numbers from 2020, the population of one of the south's best mountain towns was just 126.  So, it's definitely away from the hustle and bustle of more populated areas. What To Do In One Of The South's Best Mountain Towns So, what can visitors to Lansing, North Carolina plan?  Apparently, the Old Orchard Creek General Store is a nice stop for coffee, tea or a tasty pastry.  And, they offer a nice selection of books and locally made crafts. Plus, for the outdoorsy types Lansing offers plenty.  There's the Lansing Creeper Trail Park with fishing, walking, mountain biking, a farmers market, live music and more.  And, at roughly two and a half hours by car from Charlotte, it's a nice little weekend getaway. Where To Stay In One Of The South's Best Mountain Towns And, even though it's a tiny spot, there's no shortage of lodging in Lansing, North Carolina.  A quick search reveals various options including Chetola Resort, Graystone Lodge, The Cabins at Healing Springs, Buffalo Tavern, Holiday Inn Express West Jeffferson and more. So, perhaps it's time to plan a getaway to one of the lesser known among the South's best mountain towns.  For more suggestions, see the full article. [select-listicle listicle_id="455096" syndication_name="travel-experts-say-this-is-the-most-picturesque-small-town-in-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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