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North Carolina BBQ Restaurants Rank As Some Of The Best In The Nation By Southern Living

We love our BBQ in the Carolinas. Especially, some North Carolina BBQ. One magazine seems to also believe that North Carolina BBQ is pretty great. We have a bunch of BBQ restaurants named the best in the nation. A Texas place called Snow's BBQ won"Best in the Nation" by Southern Living.  But both North and South Carolina did very well. Can you guess what Carolina BBQ spots they are? One of the winners was Prime BBQ in Knightdale, North Carolina. Here is how Southern Living described this Raliegh area restaurant. Have you ever had this famous North Carolina BBQ spot? Ten miles east of Raleigh in Knightdale, Christopher Prieto has a gleaming haven for barbecue fans. Though smack in the middle of pork and vinegar sauce territory, Prieto turned to his Texan and Puerto Rican roots for inspiration. The result is a juicy brisket with a perfect peppery bark. Smoky ribs speckled with black pepper and caramelized sugar.  Also a splendidly savory “barbecue rice” that’s browned with onions and bacon fat and in beef stock along with slivers of sausage. This is his Mother's recipe. You know if it's Mama's recipe, then it's going to be good! The menu also offers great options like mac and cheese, barbecue rice, sandwiches, loaded potatoes, and more. Close to Charlotte, Bar-B-Q Center in Lexington, North Carolina also made the best BBQ list. Red Bridges BBQ Lodge in Shelby, North Carolina also made the list for its delicious food. North Carolina had 8 places make the list. South Carolina also has plenty of BBQ joints that also made the list. Check out the full list of all of the best BBQ spots here. https://www.instagram.com/p/CxF7fHmgLvO/?img_index=1   [select-listicle listicle_id="408596" syndication_name="5-delicious-things-north-carolina-is-known-and-famous-for" description="yes"]

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