(Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

As a South Carolina native, I was surprised to learn about this South Carolina City’s ranking when it comes to St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Most people in this region are very familiar with Savannah’s huge St Paddy’s Party. According to WalletHub.com, Columbia South Carolina makes the list of one of the best for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations. This South Carolina city named one of the best for St Patrick’s Day Celebration.

Another interesting fact I learned from the WalletHub.com, article was that St Patrick’s Day was originally a Feast Day in Ireland. US Colonies were credited with bringing about the “party” theme to the celebration. The criteria used to establish rankings were St Patrick’s Day traditions, costs, safety, weather, and accessibility.

As you review the list, you will discover that several North Carolina cities were ranked higher than Columbia. This is great for those residing in the two Carolina’s, when it comes to choices for celebrating St Paddy’s Day. So gear up for this weekend and remember be safe, and leftover corn beef and cabbage are a good hangover relief.

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