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Are you looking to get a new pet? Well, I certainly understand that because I am currently getting a new pet. A puppy, specifically! I cannot wait and I truly enjoy pets and dogs especially. But, guess what? Some states are certainly more important than others. Pets are the best companions and I cannot wait to experience it. Sounds like my new baby might be having the perfect home though, for sure.

Pet Table is naming the best states for pets in 2023 and you should not be surprised by this list. North Carolina of course is named one of the best states for pets for the year. Sounds like my baby is coming home to a great spot! Different factors contributed to this such as things like pet ownership and pet-friendly rentals. Of the top five on the list, North Carolina came in at number four as the best state for pets. North Carolina gained their spot as one of the most welcoming states to pets but we do have the lowest number of pet owners in the top 5. This is kind of surprising because even in Charlotte we’re always seeing someone walking their dog on every corner. But, North Carolina does rank as one of the most welcoming rental states for dog breeds.

Do you have any pets? If so, how do you feel your surrounding areas are beneficial to your pet? Wondering what other states are in the top 5? Check it out below and click here to see the full article and see which states are the worst for pets for 2023.

  1. Arizona
  2. Indiana
  3. Mississippi & Tennessee (tied)
  4. North Carolina
  5. Alabama

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