If you’re going to be at the top of a list, I guess this is a good one to top. Raleigh North Carolina is the best city in the country for picking up dog poop. That means that they have the least complaints of neighbors who don’t pick up their dogs’ poop. Good job Raleigh. Glad my second home is considerate to others. Not only did Raleigh top that portion of this study, which was conducted by the Dog Advisory Council, but it also ranked as the city with the third-best dog owners overall.

To create these rankings Dog Advisory Council “analyzed Twitter data to find the cities that tweet the most about bad dog owner behavior”. This included things such as the aforementioned cleaning up the dogs’ poop, letting their dog off the leash in public, and allowing the dog to bark or howl throughout the night. US Cities were then scored on each of those categories with the higher scores indicating more complaints.

Raleigh ranked third behind Tuscon Arizona and Virginia Beach. Charlotte came in at number 23 in the top 25 cities for the best dog owners. So while we may not be quite as good as Raleigh when it comes to cleaning up dog poop, at least we didn’t make the worst owners list! Who were the worst? Pittsburgh, Newark, and Seattle. You can read the full study here!

Getting A Dog? Maybe Don’t Choose One Of These 7 Most Popular Dog Names In North Carolina

Naming a pet can be a big decision. You want the name to encompass your pet’s looks, as well as their personality. You want it to be something you like. And you want it to be something that if you call out at the dog park, 20 dogs won’t come running. Think Rover 20 years ago, or Buddy in the aftermath of the AirBud movies. (My cousins named their Golden Retriever buddy for this exact reason). As an 11-year-old I named my dog Cookie b/c his face at the time looked like a double chocolate chip cookie. Some of my favorite pet names I’ve heard have been related to college’s/college athletics. In fact, while I won’t spill it here, if I ever get another dog I do know the name I will be using. But what are the most popular dog names? Ie the ones you may not want to use if you want something unique?

Well the dog experts over at The Daily Wag, recently published a list of the most popular dog names in each state. They listed the 10 most popular state by-state. But I’ll tell you the 7 most popular dog names in North Carolina. You’ll find these below. Chances are you know a pup with one of these names. Maybe even your own. And I always say things become “basic” or in this case overused, because they are good. So no shame! Keep reading to see what those names were (and some cute puppy pics). And at the end of this article, you’ll find places to adopt a dog if you’re looking for a new friend!

Want to see the full top 10 or the list from a different state? Here’s the full article.

6 Places To Adopt A Dog (Your New Best Friend) In North Carolina

Looking to add on to your family? But not looking for more kids or any kids? How about a new pet? Now is a great time to adopt an animal. There are so many pets across the Charlotte region who would love to be your new forever friend. Whether you are looking to adopt a dog, a cat, or maybe a nonconventional animal. I have to say looking at these pictures of dogs almost made me want to adopt one. But ultimately I’m still not ready after losing mine a few years ago. But there are some incredibly sweet and adorable pups who would absolutely love to join your family. All of the places to adopt a dog or cat listed below are in the Charlotte region of North Carolina.

So if you feel called to do so browse through the animals awaiting adoption. You may not know you need one until you see its precious face. Check out some places to adopt a dog or cat in North Carolina below. And who knows come Monday morning you could have a new furrever friend. (If you do and would like to bring it for a visit hit a girl up!)

The Most Popular Dog Breeds In North Carolina

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