hat There is nothing like the feeling of exploring a new place whether it’s on vacation or your new permanent residence. And that excitement transcends species. The baboon habitat at the North Carolina Zoo had been under construction and was being updated to better serve the animals. And finally yesterday, the baboons at the North Carolina Zoo got to explore their new habitat home for the first time. The zoo took to social media to post a heartwarming video of the animals running around looking at everything.

In the 26-second clip, the animals can be seen running around, climbing on rocks, and playing with each other. I think it’s safe to say they approve of the new habitat. I actually visited the North Carolina Zoo, which is in Asheboro North Carolina about an hour and a half from Charlotte, earlier this spring. On that visit, I was sad that I was not able to see the baboons due to the updates, looks like I may need to plan a return trip. Being such a short drive makes the zoo a great day trip for families. It’s also extremely affordable with adult tickets running just $15 and cheaper prices for children and seniors.

Get more info about how you can visit and see the baboons at the North Carolina Zoo enjoying their new habitat here!