Check your store receipts, North Carolina officials say, as several more retailers in the Charlotte area have been fined nearly $39,000 for price scanning errors. In total, 52 stores were fined in 33 counties for scanning errors in the fourth quarter of last year.

According to Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, many stores failed multiple inspections.

Periodic, unannounced inspections in retail stores check if shelf and register prices match. Here’s what the Charlotte Observer say they found in the Charlotte region in the latest round of checks:

▪ Circle K at 3424 Matthews Mint Hill Road, Matthews, paid $3,155 in fines for two failed inspections in September and November. An initial inspection in August showed an error rate of 20% based on 10 overcharges in a 50-item lot.

▪ Family Dollar at 7921 Old Statesville Road, Charlotte, paid $15,000 in fines. An initial inspection last March found an error rate of 40% based on 20 overcharges in a 50-item lot. The store also failed three follow-up inspections from June through October. The store also failed a December inspection with an error rate of 12.3% based on 37 overcharges in a 300-item lot and was assessed a $5,000 fine.

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North Carolina Town Voted One Of Best Small Towns For Shopping

USA Today recently had their readers vote for their “10 best” campaign. One of those categories was “The Best Small Towns for Shopping”. And one North Carolina town made the top 10 best small towns for the shopping list! I’ve never been to this mountain town, so a visit may be in order. Summer is the perfect time to travel and enjoy the mainly open air shopping districts on this list. I’m surprised that I have only been to one of these towns (and it’s actually the farthest one away…go figure!) But I have bookmarked multiple of these that I can’t wait to visit. Shopping and historic towns are some of my favorite things.

It’s not too late to plan your summer getaway and each of these small towns offers a shopping lover’s paradise! Especially if you are in to unique and or handmade items. Some of these are mountain towns there could be a good winter destination as well. As long as you don’t mind the cold that is.  We’ve got multiple areas of the country covered, so whether you want to fly or drive one of these is doable!

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The Best Small Towns For Shopping 

According to USA Today Readers