Hey Charlotte Hornets what in the blue hell are you guys doing? In the month of February the Hornets won two games! Basically they were 2 – February. That’s horrible. Look before the season started I said on my show “Live w/the QCB” Saturday’s 1p-3p on 94.7FM Fox Sports Radio Charlotte (shameless plug) the Hornets over/under win season total, I set at 35. Only because the last 5 years the Hornets have average around 32 wins a season.

You know it was a goal I set just like how Tupac set the goal to destroy ever rappers career who didn’t tell him who shot him at Quad studios in 95′.

I absolutely think the Hornets have a deep team that can not only win over 35 regular season games but can also advance into the second round of the playoffs something they haven’t done in 20 years. Coach Burrego is fortunate enough to have such a deep basketball team with good, productive players to come on the bench and contribute.

Guys like Kelly Oubre Jr. who can come off the bench and drop 20 to 40 at any time, he provides instant offense, Montrezl Harrell comes off the bench and can grab a double double. So the Hornets got a team that can get to the second round of the playoffs but their defense has got to get much better.

Right now the Hornets defense is more disappointing than the ending to the Netflix movie “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window”. And this blog is what I like to call Easy Money Son. Make sure you check out my Dope Sports talk radio show…”Live w/the QCB” Saturdays 1p-3p on Fox Sports Radio Charlotte 94.7FM or listen live online at Foxsportsradiocharlotte.com. Q