28th January 1969: Big round glasses magnify the eyes of the model wearing fashion glasses designed by Marly, a Paris optician. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Coach Boeheim w/those thick ass Mr. Magoo bifocals you had the audacity to say in the post game press conference that you didn’t see your THUG SON throw that cheap shot punch? Man please! Hey after doing such a Thug act I’ve come to one conclusion…Coach Boeheim has a Thug son.

I hate Thugs. They make me sneeze, I’m allergic to Thugs. Thugs do to me what pollen does to folks who have allergies. Thug has no color barriers. When you do what Buddy Boeheim did that’s called Thug Behavior and that Thug exercised  it very well.

Now the result of Thug Behavior the Orangemen lose their leading scorer for the ACC Tournament. It’s critical because Syracuse need a strong ACC Tournament run to help them get into the Big Dance. So Syracuse fans don’t blame the ACC board for suspending Jim Boeheims Thug son – Blame Buddy Boeheim the Thug himself.

It was such a low class move to “sneak punch” someone on the basketball court. The sad part is that during the post game coach Boeheim was still denying his son did any wrong. Even though after the game on the court Buddy Boeheim walked over apologize for the low blow cheap shot and him and the victim was laughing I guess all was forgiving.

But that damn evil coach Boeheim just flat out denied. Hey coach Boeheim go sit your lying ass down. And this is what I like to call a Dope blog by QCB. Listen to my show LIVE WITH THE QCB SATURDAY’S 1P-3P ON 94.7FM FOX SPORTS RADIO CHARLOTTE OR LISTEN ONLINE: FOXSPORTSRADIOCHARLOTTE.COM OR DOWNLOAD THE APP: FOX SPORTS RADIO CHARLOTTE.