Duke v NC Snooze Fest

Duke v NC use to be “Must See” TV but  now this game does the same thing Tylenol PM do. Remember when Duke and NC played back in the day when the game lived up the hype? They had guys who moved the needle, they had big names, stars, Top five draft picks But now this game stinks. Must see tv is a real thing and this Duke v NC rivalry needs exciting players who are next level type talent.

Have you heard of Zion Williamson, Vince Carter, JJ Redick, Jason (Jay) Williams, Raymond Felton, Jeff McInnis, Rasheed Wallace, Michael Jordan, Phil Ford, Grant Hill, Jeff Capel just to name a few. Even though the ratings were good on ESPN for Duke blowing out the Heels in the first meeting in February the game was super boring.

Now the Duke v NC game has resulted to the stars of the this game is the head coaches. That’s not only a shame but a damn shame. Coach K is gone from this rivalry after this game (March 5th) and this game is gonna be awful like the dunk contest. But enjoy this boring game anyway. I’m not trying to sway you to think like QCB, I’m just trying to get you to think like QCB. It’s alright to live here and be a fan of Duke or NC and say “yeah this game can get better”. This blog is what I like to call Easy Money Son.

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