How would you react with the news of a sudden multi-million dollar lottery win?  Unfortunately, I have yet to experience that.  However, a $3 million lottery win for a North Carolina man brought him to tears.  According to WBTV, 47-year old John Turner of Cleveland County bought a $30 Fabulous Fortune scratch-off and “started bawling” upon discovering the $3 million win.  And, where did this North Carolina man buy his $3 million winning lottery ticket?

Turner bought the ticket at the Kangaroo Express on Mallard Creek Road in Charlotte.  Of course, as with all big wins, the lottery winner had to choose how to receive his big windfall.  Would it be the annuity of $150,000 over 20 years?  Or, how about the lump sum of $1.8 million?  Turner selected the lump sum.  And, after taxes, he pocketed more than $1.2 million.

And, for those of you wishing to score your own $3 million lottery win like this North Carolina man you probably need to choose a different ticket.  According to the lottery website, all six of the $3 million jackpots for this particular ticket are gone.  But, there are valuable prizes still available on other scratch-off tickets.

I keep telling myself I need to do the “research” to give myself better odds.  See, the lottery website publishes which prizes are still available on tickets and which have been claimed.  But, in the end it’s still a game of chance.  Although, I’m all about at least trying to improve my chances.  So, I will take that ticket on my fridge worth $20 and cash it in on another.

In the meantime, congratulations on the $3 million win for this North Carolina man shedding tears of joy!  And, some folks like to know where winners buy their tickets in case those spots hold some mysterious charm.  So, now you know where this North Carolina man bought his $3 million winning lottery ticket.   Check the lottery site for updates on jackpots and the next Mega Millions on May 2.  And, read the full story about John Turner’s win and how he plans to spend it here on WBTV.

These 6 Cities Are The Best Places To Retire In North Carolina

If you’re looking for a great place to retire look no further than North Carolina. The state offers affordable homes with mild winter temperatures. Additionally, easy access to the coast and mountains makes the state attractive to retirees. Retiring in North Carolina gives you the option of choosing a coastal area, bustling metro area, or college town. The experts over at US News and World Report ranked the top 5 cities to retire in North Carolina. This has me asking how can I be one of those people who retire in their 30s? #goals.

If your retirement dreams include moving to a quaint town full of relaxation, amenities, and activities then you’re in luck. There are some fantastic places to retire in North Carolina. Whether you want to golf, relax on the beach, revel in small-town living, or be closer to the city you won’t be bored in these cities and towns! Some offer various activities perfect for the retiree who wants an active lifestyle. Others are ideal for those looking to fully kick back and relax.

Read the full US News article here or keep reading to see where the top 5 cities to retire in North Carolina are.

  • 6. Greensboro, NC

    Greensboro skyline

    Greensboro, North Carolina skyline from the west. (Photo: Raynor Garey/Getty Images)

    Median monthly mortgage cost: $1,195
    Median monthly rent: $846

    Greensboro is much more affordable than the other large metro areas of the state but it’s still a short drive from all those cities have to offer.

  • 5. Charlotte

    Things to do Charlotte

    Median monthly mortgage cost: $1,419
    Median monthly rent: $1,073

    The largest city in the state has a lot to offer retirees and many others. And while the cost of living is higher than other areas of the state it’s cheaper than many parts of the country.

  • 4. Hickory


    Median monthly mortgage cost: $1,048
    Median monthly rent: $708

    Hickory keeps popping up on lists among the top cities in North Carolina, and in this case placing higher than Charlotte. It’s lower cost of living is a large factor in those rankings.

  • 3. Winston-Salem


    Median monthly mortgage cost: $1,178
    Median monthly rent: $790

    A quieter city in the Triad and with easy access to the popular Yadkin Valley, Charlotte, lakes, and other resources makes Winston a fantastic place to retire.

  • 2. Raleigh and Durham

    North Carolina

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA downtown skyline.

    Median monthly mortgage cost: $1,602
    Median monthly rent: $1,162

    The triangle gives residents all the benefits of a large city and a metro of the state’s most prominent college towns.

  • 1. Asheville


    Asheville, North Carolina, USA at twilight.

    Median monthly mortgage cost: $1,357
    Median monthly rent: $953

    While it has a significant cost of living, if you can afford to retire in Asheville then its money well spent to spend your time in the beautiful mountains.

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